What would you expect from your hotel while staying?

By | October 11, 2015

Hotels serve as the second home and this is true regardless of whether you are travelling for business purposes or for work purposes. There are certain basic things that a hotel ought to offer so that the guests may have a memorable stay. This is because even though the hotels serve the purpose of a second home, people expect more than what they get at their homes. The hotel apartments in Dubai have clearly made their mark in the hearts of the travelers, as many people after staying in these hotels say that they are the next best thing to home and these have become a model for the rest of the world to follow. Some of the basic things that you should expect the next time you are staying at a hotel are:

  • Good quality rooms

A hotel room is the most important part  and it must stand out. It should have all the luxuries and comforts that would make the guests feel as if they are a celebrity. The rooms must be given a touch of the latest and modern technology. In addition to this the bathrooms adjoining the rooms ought to be of the best quality and should have all the latest equipments. The quality of rooms of some of the best hotel apartments in Dubai have really set a benchmark that has become difficult to follow for the designers all over the world.

  • Recreation

The hotels should have facilities for recreation like squash and tennis courts and swimming pools. In addition to these the hotels can also have spas and some indoor games.

  • Restaurant and food

The hotels should have good quality restaurants and it should serve exquisite delicacies. To ensure good quality of food the restaurants must have a good cook and chef. If the hotel has a theme the food should be in sync with that.

Hotel Apartments in ubai

  • Impeccable service

The staff and the service is what sets up a strong foundation of the hotel and establishes the loyalty among the customers. So in a hotel you should get the best quality of punctual service and the staff members should be disciplined and behave in the best manner possible.

These are the basic things that you should expect and deserve as a guest in any hotel. Any shortcoming on these aspects could upset any guest and thus the hotel owners should make sure that they do not fall short on this front. It is not really a sin if the hotel owners miss out on one of these points because to err is to human, however if the hotels do not improve despite the suggestion then you must at all costs avoid staying at such a hotel.

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