What is Moroccan Hammam ?

By | March 7, 2016

Can you think of anything more sublime and soothing than sinking your body into a deep bath and letting your skin sip in hot water, letting the steam relax sore muscles and let your mind relax while you pamper you body? Go for a rejuvenating hammam in Dubai to experience this royal treatment. Bathing is one of the most simplest, underrated way of cleansing your body and mind, but if done in the right way, it can become one of the greatest pleasures to treat your weary body and soul.

Ancient cultures round the world give great importance to baths and Moroccans consider hammams or baths as a way to cleanse, relaxation, indulge in spirituality and also for entertainment.  The art of hammam is an integral part of the Moroccan culture and lifestyle. This is because Islam considers water to be the most pristine source available and cleanliness is the way to purify body and soul. In Morocco, hammam serves as a deeply rooted cultural activity which gives people an opportunity to socialise, chat, gossip, build connections, engage in activities and there are growing trends showing people meeting at hammams in Dubai to discuss business and also to arrange marriages.

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                             Moroccon Hammam

Ancient Moroccan hammams are all about architecture, herbal scents, aromatic oils therapeutic spells. The heat that fills a Moroccan hammam is a result of the hot water that runs through the water taps, and heated floors and walls. This generated heat creates a subtle steam throughout the bath experience. But don’t expect your hammam visit to be something luxurious and colourful and bubbly one.

Unlike the Turkish hammams, Moroccan hammams use soaps that are made of black olive hulls and because of this, soaps used in Moroccan hammams are organic, thick and black. The person taken this treatment is washed with this black soap and it helps exfoliate and purify the person’s skin. The bather is then left to relax for some time and in this time the bather’s skin purify’s itself reacting with soap and steam. The process of cleansing and exfoliation is done after a thorough scrubbing off the thick soap using a kese. After the scrubbing, the bather’s body will be smothered with purifying ghassoul clay masks. There are several Moroccan hammams in Dubai that will also offer a full body massage and a gommage for extra money.

Moroccan hammam is a detoxifying body treatment that rejuvenates the whole body bringing a state of balance to the bather’s mind and also leaves the person’s skin smooth and glowing. So why the late? Get your appointment fixed in Moroccan hammam in Dubai and treat your body from head to toe in the richness of organic herbs.


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