Ways To Retina-fy Your Hotel Website

By | July 3, 2016

If you are an iPhone user, definitely you are used to retina displays and smoother images as well as texts. What happens in making the retina display is that too many pixels adjust in a small space making the view clearer and smoother as compared to other websites. Retina displays are very much in trend nowadays as they make our websites high resolution sites making the view smoother and magnificent in comparison to other blurred websites. Other sites appear blurred probably because of their low resolution images being stretched out to fix a large space which makes the pixels look extremely stretched thus rendering blurred images. Many companies hire experts to design the websites. Before hiring make sure that the expert is well known with your requirements to be fulfilled and is equipped with sufficient technology. Many people look internationally for web designers and ecommerce web designs in Dubai are known to be quite appealing. Let’s look at some ways to Retina-fy our display:

  1. Vector Graphics and CSS3

To make the website look Retina-fied, you need to use these tools as they modify the images in the way we use Photoshop for lines and strokes. On one hand the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) uses the 2D images which are based on shapes and lines and this will enhance the display of the image on the retina display. Secondly CSS3 can also be used to add effects like shadows on the images which will make them appear sharper on any screen.

  1. Web Fonts

Certainly we all know that there some fonts which are exclusively available on web pages. They are suitable for all modern websites being created and work as a highly creative idea for designers as they are least worried about how their own font will appear on the web page. Web fonts help in creating attractive and more responsive web designs.

  1. Minimizing download of  Images

Another creative way to retina-fy the website is reducing the number of images being downloaded from the website by the user. This can be easily done with the help grouping of images so that all images appear in one single frame thereby cutting down the number of downloads. This is actually called the Sprite image.

  1. Up gradation of existing Images

Upgrading the website to a highly visual retina display website looks like a difficult task but it is not so. What you actually need to do is identify the images that can be avoided using CSS or SVG to make them enhanced. Secondly identify other images which actually need to be resized and so work with the source file in the Photoshop with vectors like shapes, strokes, shadows and you are done with your up gradation.

  1. Reducing the File size

People downloading images from the retina display website tend to download heavy file sizes due to high density of pixels. These file sizes can be easily optimized to save the space by choosing the option “Save for Web” feature in the Photoshop. This will reduce the file size with a minor loss in quality so that the images are well downloaded.

So go ahead and optimize your images for retina display as well as make your website a retina-fy display to appeal the users with its high resolution appearance thus imparting a new experience.

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