Uses of Steel In Everyday Life

By | August 5, 2017

With the progress of the industrial revolution, there was an increase in demand for steel. Though producing steel is an extremely energy exhausting, being the most recyclable material of the world, once produced it can be used again and again. It is the most important engineering material and can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. We couldn’t have imagined our life without steel. Just like the water and air steel is also the main component of our daily life. From housing and buildings to skyscrapers, bridges, transportation, and rollercoaster everything amuse us with having made up of steel. Without steel, all these things would have looked very different. Dubai steel company offers structural steel, stainless steel, and all sorts of steel fabricated products to the builders, architects, construction and automobile companies.


If you are ever planning for any of the construction work then get in contact with the best Dubai steel company that delivers high-quality products at competitive price and that too on time. Steel is used in million of parts globally and has the endless list of products that are manufactured using steel. In this ever-changing world, we are still dependent on it. Let’s check out some of its common uses.

  • Steel in working

Steel is used in the construction of machines, tools, plants. Steel is used in cutting of woods and stones from saw blades which are made up of steel. Steel made things have a long life and are safe. Bridges and buildings are a great example of things made from steel as it is easy to manage and looks attractive.

  • Steel in transportation

Lighter in weight and stronger by strength steel becomes the first choice in motoring industries for making the main components of a car. For about 60% of the car weight is steel. Due to its high performance, durability and reasonable price, it is used in most of the automobile companies such as ship containers, road tankers and refuse vehicles.

  • Steel in daily use

Electricity is generated through power station turbines which are made up of steel. Steel pots, cutlery, cookers, saucepans, dishwashers, and sinks are commonly seen things in the kitchen. Shower trays in the bathroom are also made up of steel. While the grill and cutlery used in barbecue also use steel in its manufacturing.

  • Steel in medical equipment

As steel is resistant to corrosion and easily sterilized it is hygienic to use. It is used in manufacturing dental and surgical instruments, operating tables and other equipment as well such as kidney dishes, cannulas, MRI scanners. Along with this, steel is also used in replacing joints and fixing broken bones.

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