Tips to take professional pictures with iPhone 7

By | September 19, 2017

Tips to take professional pictures with iPhone 7

There are hundreds of people using iPhones in Dubai, especially iphone 7. The company has upped its features and brand stature with the amazing camera in iPhone 7.

A lot of people do Dubai online shopping electronics and use iPhone 7 to take amazing photographs. For the  a few tips, we can take professional pictures with the phone.

Here are a few such tips just for you –

Try to keep it simple! As the Apple founder Steve Jobs believes, Simplicity is Sophisticated! Thinking about too many details may make the pictures complex. Try to keep them simple.

Save pictures in RAW format to keep their quality high. Earlier, the format was available only for DSLRs. But that’s to the latest iOS update, RAW is now available on iPhone 7.  With this format, the quality of pictures isn’t compressed.

                                                                       Dubai Online shopping

The phone comes with dual camera which helps you take amazing pictures with optical zooming. The second lens is great for capturing details that are too far away.

Have enough lighting for capturing great pictures. The secret behind good photography is the lighting and that is also the case here. Lighting will help enhance the quality of the pictures.

Use portrait mode on the iPhone for some great pictures. When shooting indoors, use portrait mode along with great lighting. The light should be directly on the subject when shooting individuals.

Use white pillows and blankets to reflect light. This will help you in capturing DSLR like images.

The background-blurring mode in iPhone 7 is even more prominent. This enhances the picture quality.

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