Tips for using the reclaimed wood at home or hotels

By | September 25, 2015

Lately reclaimed wood is seeing unmatched popularity and is rapidly being used in hotels and homes. In a building, its use has spread from basement to bars and the bathrooms. Reclaimed wood is rapidly being brought in use at all places like homes and hotels. This kind of wood has become so popular because it could help in addition of warmth and texture when used in flooring or on accent walls or even in special ornaments. This also offers a unique and beautiful contrast compared to the things that are normally being used like glass, marble and granite in hotel and homes.  The hotels and homes in Dubai, which is one of the fastest growing cities of the world, have successfully showcased the subtle yet beautiful effects of using reclaimed wood via Dubai’s innovative interior designing. However, there are certain key factors that one must pay attention to whenever reclaimed wood is used in a hotel or in a home or anywhere else.

There are  different types of reclaimed wood available and it is highly imperative that the choice be made on the basis of the style of construction and the desired style. For example: Maple and Walnut will be the best choice for a contemporary design whereas Oak and cherry would be befitting for a rustic style. Also the construction technique is an important parameter that governs what kind of wood should be used at different places.

  • When used in the bathroom

This is probably a very interesting achievement of  Dubai interior design companies as it has successfully managed to use reclaimed wood in the bathrooms of homes and hotels thereby decorating these bathrooms in a unique style. However, it must be kept in mind that since it is a wood there is a chance that excessive water might wear the wood down. Hence, it should be used cleverly so that on the one hand it forms a stylish pattern but on the other hand it stays isolated and protected from water in excessive amounts.

  • Furniture

Based on the decor of the room of a hotel or a home different kinds of reclaimed woods could play a very important role in making beautiful furniture. One needs to put in more effort when preparing furniture out of reclaimed wood because many types of precautions needs to be taken, like reshaping it for the desired dimensions and checking if there are nails in the wood as these could cause serious accidents. Even though the efforts are more when creating furniture out of reclaimed wood ,the results are outstanding and the fact that it is good for nature too is just an icing on the cake.

  • Shop drawing

Work done on a piece of reclaimed wood or a timber or a board is somewhat permanent in nature and you cannot really go back if a mistake or miscalculation has been made. Thus, it is always a better idea to make a plan or a sketch or shop drawing of the design ,you want in your home or hotel, before  so that you work on the wood based on a plan.

The use of reclaimed wood is not only a very environmental friendly idea but it also has its many benefits like it could be obtained at a cheaper price, it shows a better resistance to moisture and it could be reused multiple times. Hence using the beauty of a reclaimed wood in your home or a hotel room could definitely be a splendid idea.

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