Summer Travel Tips for Pets

By | August 18, 2016


Summer means fun time; it’s the time when we go for the vacation with our family and friends to take a break from the scorching heat and visit either some hill stations or some beaches.The owners of pets in Dubai love to carry their pet along with themselves in the vacation. But we need to follow some steps to ensure the safe journey of the animal.

Tips to travel with pets during summer

  •  Documents and Permission: – summer or winter, to carry your pet for any vacation you need to have all the documents at its correct place and updated, like the vaccination card or the medical details, registration certificate etc. Before selecting any place, you need to check if the location allows travelling with pets or not, if there any facility of pet boarding in the hotels, if there is any need of permission or not to carry the pet.
  •  Mode of Transportation: –

By Road: – If you are travelling by road, make sure that the destination is not too far as it will be uncomfortable for the pet to travel a long distance in the heat. Keep the air conditioning on for as long as possible and take breaks at regular intervals and let the pet relax for some time. Don’t forget to follow the pet safety for pets in Dubai and may visit Pet Corner in Dubai for pet safety accessories.

Pets in Dubai

Pets in Dubai

By Air or Other modes: – A good, durable and well-ventilated carrier is must carry the pet other than by road. Make sure that there are no sharp things inside the carrier.

  •  Food and Water: – Feed the pet at least 4 to 6 hours prior to the journey and don’t feed him if possible for the entire period if the distance is not much. Make sure that the pet is access to fresh water to keep it hydrated, but don’t provide much water.

Don’t give new food in the new place; carry the required food for the number of days from Pet Corner in Dubai. Always provide fresh water.

  •  Vet: – Consult your vet before the journey and do a routine checkup of your pet. Ask for medicines like sedatives, pain killers, anti vomiting, medicines for allergy, diarrhoea and dehydration. Before commencement of the journey, find out the details of available vet or animal hospitals in the new place for any kind of emergencies. Carry sunscreen for your dog or cat to protect from harmful UV rays.

During summer pets in Dubai are at a higher risk of getting dehydrated due to excessive heat, so make sure they get required amount of water and get informations about the steps to be taken in case of emergencies.


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