Is leather upholstery a better option for your old sofa?

By | September 20, 2016

Upholstery is the best way to give new life to your old furniture. People who are interested in home decor and renovation may be familiar with the term upholstery. For the novice readers, upholstery is a way to renew old furniture. The best thing about upholstery, according to Fabrico Furnishing Dubai, is that it does not demand big spending.

Fabrico Furnishing Dubai offers different types of upholstery fabric. Therefore, if you’re planning to upgrade or give new life to your furniture, you should have knowledge about the different fabric options, durability of the fabric, easiness to clean, and resistance to dirt.

Leather Upholstery

This is one of the best choices you have. The leather fabric used for upholstery gives a clean, modern look to your old furniture. The perks of going for leather upholstery is that it is very easy to clean the furniture and wipe it is easy too. For better cleaning, there are several service providers for upholstery cleaning in Dubai.

The best thing about leather upholstery is that you need just a damp cloth to clean your furniture. Leather is a durable material which lasts long if taken the required care. On the other hand, leather can get scratched easily and it may not be very suitable for all weather condition. Therefore, it is not ideal in homes where there are kids and pets.

Upholstery cleaning in Dubai

Upholstery cleaning in Dubai

Leather furniture needs a lot of care and proper protection. According to upholstery cleaning in Dubai, leather upholstery needs special attention rainy season when the moisture content is too high. Another point is that you may not have a lot of choice of color.

Apart from leather, you can also go for upholstery with:


It is eco-friendly and ideal for contemporary home decor. Linen gives style and sophistication to your furniture. Service providers of upholstery cleaning in Dubai regard linen as the cleanest fabric that has anti-bacterial nature. The best thing about linen is that it dyes easily, can hold color well and it also resists fading. The fabric also suits all types of weather conditions. However, it is prone to fire, wrinkles and soiling.


It is the most commonly used upholstery fabric. This is because the fabric is made from natural fiber. The best thing about cotton for sofa upholstery is that it is resistant to sunlight and fading. The fabric also dyes very easily and it can hold color well. Cotton is soft to touch and it is most suitable for warm weather conditions because it stays cools. Apart from that it is also resistant to moths. Coming to the drawbacks, cotton fabric wrinkles and soils very easily. It can also shrink easily when wet and is not fire resistant


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