How aluminium is taking over the world

By | March 30, 2017


Aluminium is a metal that is highly used in almost all industries. The metal is known for its versatility and is used for a number of applications. According to the best Dubai Aluminium company, the applications of aluminium products are usually determined by the thickness.

The metal is used in different forms like sheets, plates, ingots, bars, etc. These products are used in various industries ranging from transportation to Aerospace. We can easily spot aluminium products in our day to day lives. Ram wrapping up Auto mobile store food packaging material, aluminium plates are used almost everywhere. Aluminium sheets can be seen for roofing, aisles, etc. These sheets are also ideal to be used as railings and number plates.

Dubai Aluminium company

Dubai Aluminium company

Qualities that make aluminium a strong competitive of Steel are:

  • Aluminium facilitates easy recycling and it can be used infinite number of times.
  • Is corrosion resistance and hands can be used in water and moisture even without coating in Paint.
  • Aluminium reflects UV rays and heat. This property makes it ideal for cladding and roofing.
  • Aluminium alloys have great strength. This makes them desirable in most industries.
  • Economical and abundant.
  • Aluminium is non toxic, non corrosive and odourless. These properties make it suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor applications.
  • It is best for conduction sector as it does not react under extreme weather conditions.

Aluminium plates and sheets are usually gauged by their thickness. This flexibility of the metal makes it ideal for making food containers. It is also ideal for food packaging. Aluminium’s conductive nature and Environmental characteristics, make is the best metal for storing and packaging food items.

Another notable usage can be seen in food packaging industry. Considering the fact that aluminium does not reveal adverse effects in hot and cold conditions, it can be used in both ovens as well as in freezers. It is heavily used to make microwave containers. These containers give excellent reason when used for baking on the heating

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