How 5 star hotels maintain their IT infrastructure

By | October 5, 2015

In 21st century, to imagine anything without technology could be called a sin. If you are building an office, museum, a hotel or even a ship it has to be armored with the latest of technology. Not only technology helps in easing the operations but also gives a cutting edge over the competition. A very popular example that could be used to better explain the picture would be the hotels and especially the hotels of Dubai, which is probably the fastest growing city in today’s times. The hotels of Dubai have become popular all over the world and although there are many things that have contributed to this. The IT companies of Dubai have played a major role in equipping the hotels with some of the best IT infrastructure of the world. A lot of planning goes into the installation and maintenance of this infrastructure because just like installation there are many important aspects to be kept in mind during their maintenance. Some of the key points in the installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure in a 5 star hotel are:

  • CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras guarantee the safety and the security in the hotels. Therefore, it is very important that cameras cover all the important areas like the lobby, the reception and the elevators. The important point to be kept in mind is that there must be multiple cameras covering an area so that if one of the cameras crashes the other cameras ensure surveillance by covering the area, while the broken camera is being fixed or replaced. In a big city like Dubai this is all the more important because at the 5 star hotels of Dubai anything can go wrong and thus proper replacements of cameras should be present and Dubai’s IT companies have not failed to recognize this fact.


IT comapnies


  • Safe elevators

Many people have the fear of elevators and think twice before using it and their fear is not unfounded as accidents, mishaps do happen in the elevators. Hence it is very important to use the best elevators and to keep them maintained. Also multiple alarm systems should be placed and kept in check so that if the elevators get stuck people could get help.

  • Maintenance of telephonic connectivity

The telephone connectivity to the help desk or the reception should be in a spick and span condition because the guests will not go down to the reception every time they need some help and if they are forced to go down it will surely ruin the reputation of the hotel and its staff no matter how good the other services are.

Hence just like the hotel owners of Dubai have set an example by taking the help of the best IT companies of Dubai, hotel owners all over the world should also do it so that everything runs smoothly at the hotels and the 5 star reputation is maintained.



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