Home Paint Color That Will Make You Happier

By | October 8, 2017


Do you know that the colors on the walls of your home have a great impact on your mood? There are some colors that will alleviate your emotions and there are some others that will bring you down. This way there are myriad more that can induce certain kinds of feelings in you. You must always contact an interior design company in Dubai to get a better guidance on the hue that you can use on the walls of your home.

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Since nature and memories are the two things that bring about a happy emotion, therefore in order to connect with color, we must choose a color that reflects our moment of happiness. We often think that it is the bolder hues that induce a sense of happiness within us, but some softer tones can also provide us the much needed happy moments. According to CK architecture which is a renowned interior design company in Dubai, a few happy colors that must be used in home interiors include:

  •         Yellow     

Yellow is often a color that is very much associated with cheerfulness and is suggested to use in the interior walls of your home. Because of the subtle, luminous quality of this hue, all the five senses are awakened in your body. It also happens to invoke positivity in you.

·         Orange

After yellow, orange is another color that is warm, inviting, and joyful. No only, is it considered to induce the feelings of sociability, but also is somehow connected with your happiness. It also promotes an extrovert behavior within you. But make sure to use lighter shade of orange.

·         Green

Green is also considered to be a pleasing color, with many positive qualities that conjure the feelings related to renewal, balance, and tranquility.

·         Blue

Promoting a feel of calm and restfulness, blue is another popular color choice in happy colors. It is known to ward off insomnia and induce a feeling of deep relaxation.

CK architecture is an interior design company in Dubai,  that not only provide interior design solutions for your home, but also your office, store or restaurant.

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