Essential Car Battery Maintenance Tips

By | May 30, 2018

The car battery is an essential part of your vehicle, it should be maintained properly or else it leaves you stuck in a parking lot or a deserted place and which would make it difficult to fix the issue. To avoid such a situation it is important for you to spend money on a good car battery in Dubai. Also, you should get your car serviced by a professional at least twice a year.

  • Make sure you place the battery is secured firmly in the cradle. Also, the battery plate is cleaned appropriately.
  • Always keep terminals and clamps clean and grease-free. Do not hammer down the clamps. Keep the battery mud free by cleaning it regularly with a wet cloth.
  • If the battery is covered by mud, clean the top carefully open the vent plug using a currency coin and dip it in distilled water to clear the mud. Check thoroughly for any blockages.
  • Never keep normal batteries stay idle for more than a month. Even MF batteries should not be kept idle for more than 3 months. Normally MF (maintenance free) car batteries vent plugs can be easily opened using a currency coin.
  • Connect cables to the correct poles. (Don’t mix the positive and negative poles)
  • Apply only petroleum jelly on the terminal cable clamps and not grease.
  • To shield the batteries from damage, recharge at recommended current (amps) only.
  • Never operate or charge a battery if electrolyte temperature is more than 60°C.

Use a correct capacity of the battery in the vehicle to yield the best performance.

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