Common office fit out mistakes to avoid

By | April 17, 2017

Whether you are moving your office to a new premises, or refurbishing your existing office to make a better use of the available space, hiring a commercial fit out in Dubai is always recommended. An office fit out is a mind-boggling task, especially if you are handling it yourself. many mistakes are often made that costs you both in terms of money and lost productivity. So here we walk you through the common mistakes that should be avoided to make your office fit out a success.

  •         Not having an accurate budget for the fit out project

You must always be aware about the costs associated with the interior fit-out of your office. this is because the prices can exceed the estimates that you may have been told by your general contractor. And this can be the recipe for disaster. In order to avoid this disaster, you must always plan out for a specific budget for the fit out project.

Commercial for out in dubai

Commercial for out in dubai

  •         Thinking that every contractor is same

You might think that every fit out contractor does the same thing and you can just randomly pick any. This thinking is totally wrong as the different contractors of commercial fit out in Dubai specialize in different areas and have the experience of working with a certain kind of project. Therefore before signing the deal with him/her, meet them in person, tell your requirements, ask if the fit out job can be done according to your needs, ask for the specializing area of the contractor and every other question that you want to. After getting a satisfying answer, you can consider hiring him/her.

  •         Assuming that the landlord don’t have any house rules

Before starting with your office fit out project, you must discuss it with your landlord and understand the house rules and fine prints, failing which can pose a serious barrier to the project in terms of costs and time. For instance, the land lord may not allow the contractor to work during the business hours, or he may not allow using the lifts to get the fit out materials or furniture etc.

Whether you have the experience of handling fit out projects or not, hiring a professionals in the field of commercial fit out in Dubai like CK Fit Out,  can result in a smooth fit out.

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