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Dubai – A food paradise with best shopping deals.

Dubai, the highly populated city of the United Arab of Emirates (UAE), has now transformed into the food as well as the shopping centre for world over. This is apart from being the business hub, in addition to the trade and transport nucleus for travellers as well as natives.

A visit to the entertainment hub is incomplete without seeing some landmarks and monuments, remember Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building) or checking out the shopping centres, i.e. Dubai Mall. Dubai offers something for everyone’s delight and interest. So if history is your thing, then

5 secret ways to save money while travelling.

Travelling, to get away from the life’s routines and relax, is a top priority for many people. But while planning a trip, what will be the cost and how to cut down on those extra expenses are the burning questions for most. Travelling smart by making smart choices, prioritizing one’s needs and using strategies during each trip helps one save for other trips in the future as well.

  • Saving while Flying

Prices of flights vary depending on the time when the tickets are booked. One should spend time searching for cheap flights using

How 5 star hotels maintain their IT infrastructure

In 21st century, to imagine anything without technology could be called a sin. If you are building an office, museum, a hotel or even a ship it has to be armored with the latest of technology. Not only technology helps in easing the operations but also gives a cutting edge over the competition. A very popular example that could be used to better explain the picture would be the hotels and especially the hotels of Dubai, which is probably the fastest growing city in today’s times. The hotels of Dubai have become

Tips to have the best finance team to manage a hotel

Hospitality industry is not only a very popular business venture for many but it also plays the role of a second home for almost everybody who is travelling. Irrespective of whether you are travelling for business purposes or for leisure or whether you are travelling to Dubai or New York.  To run and manage such a special endeavor lots of care, prudence, flexibility and multitasking is required. The managers of  hotels are required to do several hats to run a hotel successfully. Sometimes they need to look into customer service and the management

Budget Hotels in UAE – Cheap Hotels with Amenities That Suit the Economic Traveler

Best Hotels in UAE; Globe vacations and traveling have turned out to be very well known far and wide. Sometime ago just the well-off could brag of lavish occasions far and wide However today things are changing the primary man voyages not only for work any longer. With an assortment of occasion bundles and the sprouting of real monetary inns traveling abroad for an event can be arranged. Click here to read more information about Best hotels in UAE.

The Hotels in UAE industry

Among prominent occasion destinations on the planet, the UAE …

Hotels Dubai City for Ultimate Comfort Plus Convenience

Dubai Tour Package; the United Arab Emirates is a beautiful nation that has a great deal to offer regarding the matter of cordiality or making it enormous in any field. The rich way of life that one arrives is unmatched, and everyone who has been here will consent to it. Dubai is one city that talks genuine extravagance and is a magnificent spot to theoccasion or begins a business. Quite a few people from distinctive parts of the world visit Dubai to find another employment or get rich. On the off casual that …