Best Cakes For Your Kids

By | August 24, 2017

All of us know that cakes are favorite of all age groups. But kids are way more crazy than any of us can be. Mention the word cake in their presence and any one can see the instant shine in their eyes and shift in attention. But all of us also know that high on calories and sugar cakes are not good for their health. As parents and grown-ups, seeing our kids become obese and unhealthy will be the last thing we will wish.

Both the above facts are nothing less than a big puzzle requiring urgent solution. Thus, we bring to you the best cakes in Dubai. These cakes are not so high in calories and sugar and also pack in some good quality, beneficial fruits which your kids otherwise despise. With the help of best cakes in Dubai, you can not only satisfy your kids’ demands of cakes but also make them eat some good things.

best cakes in dubai


Following are some of the healthy cakes which you can let your kids without even an iota of worry:

  •         All Fruit Cake: This cake can be made with almost any variety of fruit available during the time of year. In this cake, you can combine the fruits loved by your kids in larger quantities and some not so loved fruits in comparatively smaller or palatable quantities. To make the cake look attractive, you can decorate it using cheese, fresh cream or butter cream icing and some fruits cut in fun shapes.
  •         Pineapple Carrot and Honey cake: As the name suggests, it packs in three of the healthiest ingredients. You can use fresh pineapples or canned/tinned pineapples in this recipe. Instead of honey, you can also use jaggery, which is another sweetener and is more or less equally healthy. Instead of carrot, you can also use cucumbers or other such vegetables. Even pineapple can be substituted with bananas, strawberries, sapodilla fruit, etc.

G’s is a café, bakery and deli that specializes in making healthy cakes for your little sweethearts. With our in-house bakery and expert bakers, you can be assured of getting the best cakes you would imagine for your little bundles of joy.

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