5 tips to design the hotel room

By | August 13, 2016

Either being on a business tour or relieving from the workload, traveling is an essential part of modern lifestyle. For such people, Hotels act as their residence. Customers may be alone or might also bring their families for an outing. Hotels always strive to impress by their ambiance and quality of service. Here, we would discuss the important aspects of ambiance and interiors for a hotel. Some pull-offs are definitely the cash-in points for the hotels. Regular maintenance and cleaning help accentuate the guest’s comfort level. Some designer details attract the attention of the customer, and at the same time actually modify the overall look of the room as well.

Let’s jot down few points regarding the design aspects which make a hotel room desirable: –

  • The scale of design and its implementation: The bigger is, the better. This is the aesthetic department. We love what we see, the bigger and majestic the designs are, more interesting and grand they look to the guests. People do get lured by the immenseness too. Mattresses must be worth wooing. Marvelous rugs, sheets, upholstery along with matching curtains in Dubai supplied by Leeds Furnishing will leave a lasting impact on the guests.
  • Coziness pursued within the warmth of the room: The much vital and formidable point is the comfort that a guest should get inside the room. 
Curtains in Dubai

Curtains in Dubai

  • Royalty and Luxe touch is a must: Luxury is something that every guest loves. The more plush the room is, the more stars it adds to the satisfaction of the staying people. Some of the leading suppliers like Leeds furnishing have an extensive range of luxurious furnishings in Dubai. It is the paradise for furnishings and curtains in Dubai to enhance the tone of the room.
  • Accessories must blow my mind: Beds are a must, generally similar looking, but what about the chandelier? Give a thought to it. Chandeliers are actually the both tone setter and tone spoiler. Would you like a pale yellow lightening chandelier in the already damp room? No, right! Go for some inventive designs in the table, chairs and sofas. The furniture must go well with the paint, rugs, and curtains in Dubai Hotels. After all, there is the reputation of the city at stake.
  • Daring while detailing: Lighten the room with hanging lights, vary the heights. Matted laminates, wooden flooring do well together, think this way. Mix up the taste!

People do want a better weekend or even longer holidays. Cash on this by pampering their senses. Fill craze in their holidays!

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