5 secret ways to save money while travelling.

By | November 17, 2015

Travelling, to get away from the life’s routines and relax, is a top priority for many people. But while planning a trip, what will be the cost and how to cut down on those extra expenses are the burning questions for most. Travelling smart by making smart choices, prioritizing one’s needs and using strategies during each trip helps one save for other trips in the future as well.

  • Saving while Flying

Prices of flights vary depending on the time when the tickets are booked. One should spend time searching for cheap flights using various booking engines that are available. Airfares are cheaper during low seasons. Stop-over flights are another option which one can consider for cheaper flights. By comparing the price rates of different flights, one can save considerably on the to and fro journeys.

Airlines charge a fortune for the food that they serve onboard. To avoid paying an exorbitant amount, one can avoid this food and carry one’s own snack.

  • Saving on Accommodation

Hotels in some places are expensive and tend to charge notoriously. Travelers can check in at cheap hotels and hostels instead of the expensive hotels for budget accommodation. Websites advertise low rent places where one can seek accommodation to save on living expenses.

Many hotels in Dubai also give discounts and best deals to travelers who stay for more than a night. Many of them also have reward programs where one can get advantages like room upgrade or free nights.

Save money while travelling

Hotels in Dubai

  • Saving on Foodstuff

The joy of travelling also lies in tasting local cuisine instead of the imported food that is served in the hotels. These local eateries also serve at considerably lower rates and the food is cooked fresh. One can also stock up from the buffet breakfast served at the hotel. Some hotels also provide free meals for children. Families can rent apartments which provide extra space and also a kitchen in which one can prepare their own food.

  • Saving during Sight-Seeing

Walking can be fun in addition to the fact that one saves money on transport. It also is a great opportunity for exploring local markets, wandering around, taking photographs and talking to the local people.

Renting a bike for sight-seeing is another adventurous way of travelling from one place to another within the city. Public transports are also cheap, and one can save the taxi fare by using local transportation. Another cost-effective method is sharing taxis and minivans with fellow travelers.

Withdrawing money, while travelling abroad, is expensive. In addition to commission fees, banks levy charges on each withdrawal. To avoid being frequently charged, a large amount can be withdrawn. But one should be careful with the cash that has been withdrawn.

Prepaid travel money cards can also help one save on these transaction fees. These can also be used to save on currency conversion rates.

So, remember, while travelling, there are loads of tricks to help one save cash and travel on a pre planned restricted budget. Using these tips to save cash during accommodation in hotels, while eating and travelling can also help travelers plan more trips in the future.

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