5 Natural and effective pest control solution

By | October 23, 2016

Before calling upon the pest control agency and booking their dates for the service, every one of us must try to get rid of the insects using natural help. Even pest control companies in Dubai say the same because if the pest problem at your home is very less and if it can be controlled naturally, ten going for professional service s a waste.

CosmoPest is one of the best pest control companies in Dubai which make use of natural pest control solutions which guarantee a safe and effective way without harming the environment. According to CosmoPest, most of the common pest problems can be solved using natural means. With natural solutions, we can also eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and toxic pesticides altogether.

Natural, homemade remedies are both inexpensive and environment friendly. There are a lot of homemade sprays that have been used and offer good results for controlling harmful insects. These remedies usually involve non-toxic ingredients like garlic, stinging nettles, cayenne, or horsetail diluted in water.

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So here are a few natural solutions for different types of insects:


  • For soft-bodied insects like mites, mealy bugs, aphids:

To control them you need to prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of canola oil and few drops of Ivory soap, mix the two in a quart of water. This mixture is poured into spray bottles and sprayed on the plants from above down and underside of the leaves. This will help in smothering the insects.

  • Grubs:

If your lawns are infested with garden grubs, you can use a natural remedy called the milky spore to get rid of them. The milky spore granules are spread on the soil and when the grubs are killed. This will kill only the grubs while causing no harm to the beneficial organisms. The milky spore doubles up over time and sits inactive while waiting for the grubs to infect. It is said that one milky spore treatment lasts for 40 years.

  • Mites and other insects:

2 tablespoons of hot pepper sauce is mixed with a few drops of Ivory soap and water. The mixture has to stand overnight and it is then stirred into a spray bottle. It is then applied in the areas infested. Remember to shake the container frequently during application.

  • Slugs, earwigs, and other soft-bodied garden pests:

The best way to get rid of them is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the plants and on garden beds. The diatoms particles kill the pest but don’t harm the plants.

  • Fungal diseases:

To fight the fungal disease in your garden, you will have to be very cautious. The best natural defense against fungal diseases is a mixture of baking soda in water. Pour this mixture into a spray container and use on infested areas. The same can be repeated every few days until the problem ceases.

We provide the best organic solutions for your pest concerns.


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