5 creative bookshelf designs.

By | May 25, 2016

Only the readers can know the love of reading. For them, books are some of the best things on this planet. No reader can imagine his or her life without books. Books are just love for them. You just give them the stuff they are interested in and they can go for hours and hours without any breaks.

Since readers love their books so much so they try to keep them in best possible manner. Bookshelves for them are not just bookshelves; for them they are home to their most beloved thing – the books. Those who appreciate and love books would not just keep them anywhere just for the sake of keeping. Readers keep their books with love and care. None of them would go for anything less than special for stacking their books. Interior designers helps you explore more designs which are unique, creative and special bookshelf designs for your beloved books.

For readers, bookshelves are home to their most cherished texts. But bookshelves are more than just that. Bookshelves play great role in the lives of even those who do not love reading for bookshelves are a great way to decorate your house. There are many creative bookshelf designs available in the market and here are the best 5 amongst them –

  1.       Equilibrium BookCase

Equilibrium BookCase is the epitome of creativity and is also a perfect thing to amaze anyone visiting your house. The multiple wooden components of this bookcase seem to float in air but are fully efficient to support over 120 Lbs of weight. Its design allows to keep books in natural tilted manner and thus does not require bookends.

  1.       Has Been Read/Will Be Read

The ones who love reading just cannot resist themselves from loving this bookshelf too. It’s exceptionally creative yet simple enough to organize your books and texts efficiently. This bookshelf allows you to separate your books into – “Has Been Read” and “Will Be Read” and that too very creatively. This bookshelf has got beauty with creativity as well as efficiency. Click here to get exclusive designs.

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Creative Book shelves Design

  1.       BookTree

This bookshelf is best for those who love to read in natural surroundings like under a tree, nearby rivers, in a park full of sunshine in cold and many alike. This bookshelf imparts the feeling of natural surroundings to your reading area and allows you to multiple your reading pleasure by ensuring the apt environment for the same. Moreover, it is equally efficient for keeping and managing all your books and texts.

  1.       Check

This one is another master-piece of in the world of art and creativity. The V-shaped “checks” are used to arrange your books in a very creative and adorable manner. You can yourself decide the order for these “checks” i.e. whether you would like them in a straight vertical line or in a horizontal row or in a slanting direction or in any random manner.

  1.       Equation BookShelf

Equation Bookshelf is for those who are in love with Mathematics or for the academic heroes or for those who love exceptional things. This bookshelf, when looked from certain distance, looks like a Mathematics equation consisting of braces, brackets, parenthesis and other similar stuff. This one is really attractive.

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